One of the biggest misconceptions by new-home buyers is that their freshly-built property is free of defects, but nothing could be further from the truth. Myth has it that homes eventually develop defects and damage as a result of weathering and planned obsolesence, but those naturally-occuring problems are often a result of a poorly-built home to begin with.

If pipes aren't fitted properly, joists aren't butted and attached correctly, flashing isn't set property, or if any one or more of several thousand aspects of your new home are not built, assembled or installed properly, you could end up paying tens-of- thousands of dollars more for your home after its warranty expires.

Preventative measures can be taken by hiring us to perform two inspections within the first year of residency in your new home. This means you will need a New Construction Inspection immediately before you move into your home. This will allow us to catch major problems that may be easier to fix without the clutter of moving boxes to block access. Also, if a problem is very severe, then it would be best to avoid entering the home until the problems are fixed first.

The second inspection you will need is a Warranty Inspection. This type of inspection service is designed specifically around assessing the condition of your home and its major systems before warranties begin to expire. After all, why would you want to pay thousands of dollars to repair or replace home systems and structural components if you can have them repaired or replaced by the builder?